Renting ready solutions for e- commerce developed by our company
Development of business systems of any complexity
Promotion of sites, goods and services on the Internet
Hosting platforms for your projects for all tastes


We help with the preparation of material for technical projects, and hosting of your site to our platform on our server. We plan and carry out your advertising campaigns, and support the development of your own projects. This means the site 's development will be to your preferences.

Skilled marketing experts and advertising, programmers, web-designers, copyrighters and content-managers

A Full package deal from one team: from design, creation and programming through to the domain registration, hosting, and an advertising campaign. Includes the automation of economic activities and the organization of goods delivery. The complete package in the e-commerce field, with unique technologies of site operation.

Users service and site support. We give to our clients the service of constant support and content updating or site design. Small business or companies using networks, find the given kind of services rather favourable. It allows saving of expenses on a regular web-master, timely updating of information or elements of site's design, without loss of quality and efficiency of existing work.

Your expectations - to receive a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to lift your business on to a new level

Our purpose - to help you with it!